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I’m a woman with a kind heart and a dark side I like to dip into often. I grew up knowing I simply wanted to create. Through story, visual medium, and written word. Through both moving pictures and images that capture a glimpse of life. I’ve spent most of my life as a self-taught artist, going to school for film production. I recently joined Kline Academy of Fine Art where I’m learning how to fine-tune my skills in fine art and acquire the technique of a classically trained artist. 


Along my journey, people have told me to focus and master but one niche. I say to hell with that. I love too many forms of art and storytelling to go down one, narrow road, therefore I’m on a journey to produce many different forms of art. Among some of these endeavors,  I’ve always had a special intrigue for portraiture and figure art. I'm beginning a journey to create unique apparel and traditional art for my fellow creatures on the dark side.